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Mid-Market=Semi-Big Data?

Is Big Data destined for only the top 3,000 companies worldwide? What about medium or small companies who are equally as data-driven? Is there a place for Big Data in SMB markets? When I talk to SMB companies about their  use of public cloud services, it’s a no-brainer. Pay as you go, lower costs upfront, quick […]

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Big Data is Thriving. Is RDBMS Dead?

MapReduce vs. RDBMS People think that MR is this new transformative technology… No. Transformative? Yes. Although it might seem that MapReduce (MR) and parallel DBMSs are different, it is actually possible to write almost any parallel-processing task as either a set of database queries or a set of MR jobs. When you look at the […]

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What is Consumer Cloud?

The recent offerings from Apple, Google, Amazon, and now Microsoft have definitely helped popularise the concept of the cloud, but do consumers really understand what it means? Does it really matter? Only 40% of Americans understand cloud services such as Google Docs for documents, according to a report from market researcher Ipsos OTX MediaCT. Even […]

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