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Connect ISO to VM the PowerCLI way

// <![CDATA[ var disqus_shortname = 'vmgurunl'; var disqus_domain = ''; (function () { var nodes = document.getElementsByTagName('span'); for (var i = 0, url; i I recently bought a new server for my home lab, or at least, it was the start of my home lab. After my ESX host crashed two years ago I didn’t […]

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First Impression of the PXE Manager for vSphere

I just fiddled somewhat with the ‘fling’ from the VMware site: PXE Manager. Well, if you ask me, it’s not just a ‘fling’, but it is really, really useful. It’s easy to install and easy to use. Here’s the summary from the ‘fling’: PXE Manager for vCenter enables ESXi host state (firmware) management and provisioning. Specifically, it […]

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vSphere Advanced Troubleshooting

Eric Sloof, instructor and blogger for, gave a great presentation on advanced troubleshooting on vSphere. Eric shows that you can use esxtop for troubleshooting on almost every level. He said a lot about troubleshooting. Below you’ll find the things I could write down during his talk. CPU Ready Time. interval in the graphic is important. […]

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