Try Nakivo v7.4 Beta And Get an Amazon Gift Card!

NAKIVO develops a fast, reliable, and affordable data protection solution for VMware, Hyper-V, and cloud environments. Over 10,000 companies are using NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect and recover their data more efficiently and cost-effectively, while over 140 hosting, managed, and cloud services providers are using NAKIVO’s software to deliver VM BaaS and DRaaS to their customers.With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can increase VMware backup performance, improve backup reliability, speed up recovery, and, as a result, save time and money. Nakivo also offers Free VM Backup and Replication for VMware & Hyper-V. Nakivo released its new flagship Nakivo V7.4 beta. You can download and use Nakivo with your VMware or Hyper-V environment to get an Amazon Gift Card. You can send support bundle to nakivo by March 30, 2018 to get an Amazon gift card.

Nakivo Backup v7.4

Top 11 features of Nakiov v7.4

  1. Automated VM Disaster Recovery: NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.4 can help automate and simplify the VM disaster recovery process. The new version provides VM Failover jobs, which include network mapping and re-IP rules. With this new feature, VM failover can be performed in a single click. VM Failover jobs can help NAKIVO Cloud Service Providers deliver Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  2. Instant File Recovery to Source: File recovery is one of the most frequent actions performed by backup administrators. The Instant File Recovery to Source feature can instantly retrieve files from deduplicated VM backups. The files can be restored directly to their original location on the source VM.
  3. Enhanced AWS EC2 Instance Backup: NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.4 can provide native backup for AWS EC2 instances and store up to 1,000 recovery points per protected EC2 instance. The AWS EC2 instance backups can be stored in the cloud or sent to an on-premises location, enabling recovery even in cases when AWS credentials are compromised or if there is an issue with the cloud infrastructure.
  4. Bandwidth Throttling: NAKIVO Backup & Replication was designed to be fast, and transfers data at the maximum available speeds. However, if data protection jobs are running during business hours, they may saturate the available bandwidth, affecting application performance and user experience. The Bandwidth Throttling feature provides the ability to set speed limits for data protection jobs.
  5. Self-Backup: The VM running backup software is subject to the same threats as any other VM in an infrastructure and can crash, get corrupted, or become unavailable. While deploying a new instance of NAKIVO Backup & Replication takes less than 1 minute, re-creating jobs and re-configuring system settings can take a while, especially in large environments. The Self-Backup feature can automatically back up the system configuration to the available backup repositories. With Self-Backup, customers can instantly restore the product configuration and perform planned system migration.
  6. Instant Recovery for Hyper-V VMs: This feature provides the ability to instantly boot Hyper-V VMs directly from compressed and deduplicated VM backups. Once booted, the VMs can be used for sandbox testing or migrated to the production environment for permanent recovery.
  7. Screenshot Verification for Hyper-V VMs: Recovery verification is a must-have for any organization as VM backups and replicas may turn out to be corrupted or not bootable at the time of recovery. The Screenshot Verification feature provides an automated way to near-instantly verify the consistency of Hyper-V VM backups and replicas. The Screenshot Verification feature can also send reports with OS screenshots of test-recovered VMs after each job completion.
  8. Global Search: In large environments with hundreds or thousands of VMs and dozens of backup jobs, even the simple task of finding a particular item can be time-consuming. The Global Search feature can instantly search for VMs, replicas, backups, jobs, repositories, and transporters. Customers can perform actions on the items found right on the search tab.
  9. Log Truncation for Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Microsoft SQL Server records all database changes in transaction log files to ensure reliability and enables data recovery. These log files grow over time and can consume all available disk space, causing a server crash. The Log Truncation feature can automatically delete the log files from the source VM after a successful VM backup or replication to free up space and ensure uninterrupted operation of the server.
  10. Instant Object Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Microsoft SQL empowers a variety of business-critical applications. If an SQL database becomes corrupted or if undesired changes need to be rolled back, recovery time should be as short as possible. The Object Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server feature can instantly recover Microsoft SQL objects (databases and tables) back to their original location.
  11. Built-in Chat with Technical Support: The chat with NAKIVO’s top-rated Technical Support team is right where this feature is most needed – built into the product’s web interface. NAKIVO customers can get help in NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.4 without even leaving the application.

How to Get an Amazon Gift Card by Testing Nakiov v7.4 Beta

Nakivo backup -Amazon card

Try NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.4 Beta and get an Amazon gift card!

  • Install NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.4 Beta.
  • Add a VMware or Hyper-V server to the inventory.
  • Perform any of the three sets of tasks.
  • Send the support bundle to by March 30, 2018.
  • Provide your feedback by filling out a short survey.

NOTE: Use your business email to download the product, send the support bundle, and fill out the survey.

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