Login PI 1.5 released by Login VSI

Today Login VSI released a new version of their end-user computing monitoring tool Login PI (1.5).

Login PI is a monitoring tool that measures the performance and availability of a virtual computing environment from a user perspective.

New Features in this release:

  • New Dashboard
  • Network latency measurements
  • Logon time breakdown
  • New Installer that contains an installer for fresh installations of PI and one for Upgrades


With this new release the most impressive new feature is the new look and feel of the PI Dashboard which is a big improvement over the “old” dashboard. I really like the new interface and is very easy to read.

The dashboard contains the following items:

  • Login Success %
  • Login Performance %
  • Application Performance %
  • Average Application Start Time
  • Average Login Time
  • Login Success % over the last hours
  • Alerts for the last hours (Amount)
  • Alerts from the last hour (Description)

Logon Time Breakdown

Also new in this release is the breakdown of the logon process in seconds:

With the new breakdown of the logon times, troubleshooting logon related performance issues is much easier than before.

Network Latency Measurements

When troubleshooting performance problems in a virtual desktop environment often the “network” is one of areas to dive into. This could be related to latency or bandwidth issues for the protocol. The new version of Login PI now provides details regarding the connection as shown below:

If you hover over the dots a view will be provided with details regarding:

  • Latency
  • Bandwidth
  • Memory load
  • Number of processes



More Information

For a complete list of features, improvements and resolved bugs or more information, please visit:

Login VSI: https://www.loginvsi.com

Release notes: https://www.loginvsi.com/documentation/index.php?title=Login_PI_Release_Notes#New_Features



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