Dell EMC announced VxRail 4.0

A new version of the Dell EMC VxRail, a jointly Dell EMC and VMware developed Hyper-Converged Appliance, was announced last week at Dell EMC World.

The Dell EMC VxRail appliances are the easiest and fastest way to extend and simplify a VMware environment. Powered by VMware Virtual SAN and managed through the vCenter interface.  And, seamless integration with existing VMware tools, such as vRealize Operations, lets you leverage and extend your current IT tools and processes.

What’s New in VxRail 4.0

With the addition of the Dell PowerEdge portfolio, VxRail offers more configurations differences to support a wide-range of use cases and increased flexibility.

Now you can start a cluster with 3 nodes to support smaller deployments. 

VxRail can now support storage heavy workloads with storage dense nodes, graphics-heavy VDI workloads with GPU hardware, and entry-level nodes for remote and branch office environments. But don’t mistaken here. Also the entry level is serieus business for many companies.

Finally, you can upgrade from VxRail 3.5 to 4.0 software with a single click.

New modules and hardware

VxRail now includes Dell PowerEdge servers in its portfolio allowing wide range of platforms and hardware to address any use case.

The VxRail portfolio now includes:

  • G Series – General purpose 2U/4Node chassis refreshed from the current VxRail platform. The G Series is best suited for a broad range of hyper-converged use cases, and continues to be available in all-flash and hybrid configurations.
  • V Series – VDI-optimized 2U/1Node appliance with GPU hardware for graphics intensive desktop deployments. If your customer may want GPU acceleration in the future, order a V Series now and they can add GPU cards later.
  • S Series – Storage dense 2U/1Node appliance for demanding applications such as virtualized Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, big data, and analytics.
  • P Series – Performance intensive 2U/1Node appliances optimized for heavy workloads such as databases.
  • E Series – Entry level, cost-effective 1U/1Node offering for small and remote deployments.

3-node VMware Virtual SAN Support

VxRail Appliances can now be deployed with just 3 nodes in a cluster, making them more accessible than ever before. 3-node entry brings in even lower price and scale point for distributed environments or smaller deployments.

Based on VMware vSphere and Virtual SAN software, the VxRail appliance allows customers to start small and grow, scaling capacity and performance easily and non-disruptively. 

More details about VxRail, visit Dell EMC VxRail and Dell EMC Press Release. 

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