Pivotal and VMware Team Up

Recently, VMware announced the VMware Photon Platform + Pivotal Cloud Foundry Bundle for Cloud Native Applications.

You can view the Press Release here: Pivotal and VMware Team Up to Accelerate Deployment of Cloud-Native Applications With Advanced Enterprise Cloud Solution

This announcement comes very close to the upcoming launch of Native Hybrid Cloud at EMC World on May 3rd. EMC’s turnkey Pivotal Cloud Foundry developer platform composed of Pivotal Cloud Foundry integrated with the EMC and VMware powered IaaS. The stack, which is expected to become available in Q2 2016 and feature a single point of support, will help to eliminate the complexity of purchasing, installing and maintaining the software required to run cloud-native applications on-premises. 

Native Hybrid Cloud is a turnkey Pivotal Cloud Foundry developer platform that is ready to use in hybrid operating models in as little as two days. NHC accelerates and simplifies cloud native application development, deployment and management, core requirements for building new digital businesses and experiences.

Native Hybrid Cloud bridges developers and IT Operations teams empowering developers with rapid application development while maintaining the operational control, reporting, and financial transparency that IT teams require. It also offers a suite of DevOps capabilities and tooling, enabling a transformational operational model for enterprise. 

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry and VMware Photon Platform bundle is a software only cloud-native solution that customers may purchase directly from Pivotal or VMware. VMware Photon + PCF needs to be deployed on the customer’s own infrastructure and does not offer integration between the cloud-native platform and the underlying infrastructure. 

Native Hybrid Cloud brings together Pivotal cloud native platform with EMC and VMware infrastructure-as-a-service, helping organizations gain agility and accelerate business outcomes .

source: emc.com

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