EMC Announce VMAX3

EMC Corporation yesterday in London announced releases of EMC XtremIO, EMC VMAX3, EMC Isilon OneFS, and the availability of EMC ViPR 2.0, ViPR SRM 3.5, and the EMC ECS Appliance address the issues and many more. These solutions help IT organization “Redefine Possible” as they accelerate their journey to the hybrid cloud. Let us focus on the VMAX3.

VMAX3 replaces the existing 10K, 20K and 40K models with 100K, 200K and 400K products. The high-end 400K has up to 384 processing cores, is flash-optimised and delivers more than “six nines” of availability. Always On!

It can support up to 40,000 virtual machines.


EMC announced the VMAX3, which transforms VMAX from enterprise storage to an enterprise data service platform. The VMAX3 enterprise data service platform enables customers to regain control of where best to run specific workloads. Workloads classified in simple bronze, silver, gold and so on plan with defined policies within the data center or in a public cloud. A brief presentation was shown during the event. VMAX3 is the foundation for hybrid cloud as IT looks to deliver Storage-as-a-Service. This innovation help customers manage their predictable service levels at hybrid cloud scale. It appears EMC is following up EMC World in Vegas where was told hybrid Cloud is the path to goThe oncoming public cloud services allowed business owners to bypass IT and quickly procure the applications they needed. This self-service definitely approach delivery of new levels of agility. 

The rearchitecture of VMAX3 is based upon the new HYPERMAX OS and Dynamic Virtual Matrix architecture. HYPERMAX OS is an open converged storage hypervisor and operating system. It enables VMAX3 to embed storage infrastructure services like cloud access, data mobility and data protection directly on the array. This delivers new levels of data center efficiency and consolidation by reducing footprint and energy requirements. The Dynamic Virtual Matrix architecture enables customers to dynamically allocate processing power for improved performance and to ensure predictable service levels. 

Besides a 3 times performance increase and 50 per cent TCO reduction compared to current VMAX a new cool feature was presented called EMC ProtectPoint. Protectpoint enables up to 10X faster backups with direct backup to Data Domain arrays, EMC saying it “eliminates need for traditional backup infrastructure,” such as media servers and backup software. Protectpoint has the functionality of backup with the performance of snapshots with no app impact, minimal RTO and RPO of minutes. Because Protectpoint eliminates backup servers, Database Administrators are in full control.

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