BIG DATA – the hottest trend in technology and the dramatic impact it will have on the economy, science, and society. In the past two years we have produced and consumed more data than in the year 2000. E-mails, digital photos, videos, financial data and so on. This incredibly large amount of digital data is not only saved, but also getting better analyzed. Big data analysis generates knowledge that is how we think, work and live.

The German Football Federation (DFB) move for the first time in special technology at the 2014 World Cup. They analyze the Germans football to a higher level.  A computer has the race and training analysis reproduced in its entirety. DFB is using a special analysis tool by SAP The Football Association wants to improve on the basis of analyzing the performance of the team and individual players.

A camera to record all necessary data thousand times per second. Apparently in a game this equates to approximately sixty million positions. The software hereby recognizes the players involved in a particular action. By placing automated search terms in these actions, the coach, the situation can easily be found in the database.
Because the architecture of the database is very fast, all the information is available within seconds. It should be support massive scalability to petabytes of source data and analyze data at very high rates. The analyzed data are intended to improve performance. Both individual players and the team as a whole This is done by evaluating, so that the team can better prepare for future competitions. Individual data important situations Think about the speed of a player at certain distances or data on ball control. Players who do not score well on these points, can improve their weaknesses through specific training. In addition, coaches can use big data to compile the most ideal team. Based on the analysis, after all they know about what qualities a player must have.

As many of you know, data is becoming the oil of the information age. It took a decade and billions of dollars to decode the first human genome ten years ago. Today, that same amount of DNA is sequenced in a day. The implications are as huge as the datasets themselves. Big data, despite all the hype still is at an early stage. It is clear it has big potential. When all these factors are taken into account, the base for predicting a game or an entire sports event is possible within years from now i guess. Besides my enthousiasme I’m of course skeptical as well. As big data affects our lives more and more – it optimizes, improves, more efficient and pulling out what’s inside, what role is still played by intuition, faith, uncertainty or originality? We could lose these human characteristics in the years still to come. 



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