Welcome to the EMC Elect 2014

EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individual’s engagement with EMC as a brand over the last calendar year.

Key Characteristics of an outstanding EMC Elect candidate include:

  • Engagement – Members are those engaging on the ECN, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and in person at events.
  • Commitment – Being a part of the EMC conversation day in and day out, offering thoughtful feedback and staying optimistic in your language.
  • Leadership – The kind of people who take every opportunity to engage with their peers and represent others as part of the community.

Last year I was asked to judge the potential candidate Elect members 2014. This was not only fun but a damn tough job I can tell you. Why? Too many candidates must meet a pretty hard criteria to get in. You can imagine that a lot of great and inspiring people it just did not make it to the finals. Weeks, we have discussed with the whole judge team, but ultimately decided unanimously who may call himself EMC Elect 2014. This gives me the opportunity to a big thank you, for the time in which I’ve worked with him. I must admit that the whole team behind the EMC Elect community is great. Loved working with them and hope to do so in the future. In the middle of this process we lost Matthew Brender who changed job outside EMC. Thanks Matthew and bon voyage. Hope all goes well.

Out of the 375 nominations leading to 152 finalists, with 80 official Elects I am pleased to welcome you to the EMC Elect 2014!

What makes the EMC Elect program different from similar programs that preceded it is the state of online social activity. In the age of blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, conversations, especially in the technical community, have moved from conference rooms and chat rooms to online communities. Programs like EMC Elect knock down the barriers that have long separated vendors from customers, by extending the conversations to include other opportunities to exchange information. This program makes the business relationship more of a collaborative effort.

The top three reasons people were chosen for EMC Elect are:

  • Regular engagement on the EMC Community Network
  • Great conversations on Twitter
  • Strong technical presence via blogs and at industry events

In my case because of my presence on the ECN, blogs, Customer reference programs and blooming use of Twitter were all reasons why EMC invites me to this select community.

As an EMC ‘ambassador’ I can not be more proud to wear this title. And therefore my thanks.

For all those who have not achieved getting the award this year, keep investing and keep sharing. EMC can’t recognize you if they don’t know about you! I wish you better luck next year.

Still not sure what all the buzz is about: Frequently Asked Questions about EMC Elect

source: www.mikes.eu

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