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Multiple vCenter Servers, SSO, and How To Design for Failure

Internally within my company, there is usually a lot of discussion about how a customer goes about managing multiple vCenter servers. With the vSphere 5.1 addition of Single Sign-On (SSO), it dramatically complicates the design itself. This topic won’t mean much for SMBs because you should be pretty well off with a single vCenter and […]

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IT Disaster Recover Preparedness Benchmark

New Research Advisory Council Created to Help Provide IT Professionals a Reflective Measure of Their Own DR Preparedness As recent cyber-attacks and natural disaster events have shown, the need for IT disaster recovery preparedness has never been greater. However, research indicates that less than half of all companies have a disaster recovery plan in place, and […]

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What Happened to Software Defined Networking?

What happened to Software Defined Networking? A while back I wrote a post where I thought 2012 would be the year for Software Defined Network (SDN), and I am really surprised that this technology has not gained greater ground. Now that we are halfway through 2013, I find myself still waiting for adoption of this […]

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